Level II

Consolidation – average knowledge

Consolidation level of knowledge of level 1 and introduction to driving with the kayak.


Adaptation to the kayak.
TThe candidate must be able to recover the position once verticality has been lost with the use of low support. With the elbows up, pressing down and recovering the position with the use of the hip.

Low brace for both sides.

• Edging the kayak.
Finding the balance point. Verticality concept.
The candidate must understand the correct position of the body in order not to lose balance and be able to keep the kayak edging constantly.

Kayak driving (with edges, with circulars).
Propulsion of the kayak making zig zag conductions using the edging and circular strokes.
The candidate must demonstrate correct driving by making changes in the distribution of weights to modify the direction.

• Turning maneuvers with edging, circular and retrocircular stroke.
Propulsion of the kayak and make a change of direction using the edge on both sides.
The candidate must be able to turn the kayak using the edge, holding it throughout the turn.
The candidate must understand that the greater the edging angle, the smaller the radius of gyration.
Propulsion of the kayak and make a change of direction using the circular stroke on both sides.
Propulsion of the kayak and make a change of direction using the retrocircular stroke on both sides.
The candidate using the circular and retrocircular must incorporate the edging using a good rotation of the trunk and using the whole blade to execute the maneuver.
• Maneuvers of turns with canteo, circular and retrocircular stroke.
The candidate must be able to regain position in the kayak with the help of the paddle float.

The candidate has to demonstrate proficiency in the contents of the course and must be able to:
• Consolidate propulsion stroke.
• Demonstrate efficient and sustained edging.
• Consolidation of the circular and retrocircular stroke by adding edging to the maneuver.
• Make a 360º turn with the use of edging in all maneuvers.
• Self-rescue.

Duration: 3 hours
Certification: Level 2 recreational sea kayak
Conditions: In flat water
Learning stage: cognitive.

Price: 60€