Level IV Course

Refinement – advanced knowledge

Level of advanced maneuvers and competence in kayak control and active safety elements.


Moving sideways (draw stroke / sculling).
The candidate have to be able to moving sideways using two diferent ways with the good use of body and paddle.

•Draw stroke.
The candidate have to learn to change the direccion of the kayak using this stroke with the good body position to try to avoid make all the power in the arm moving the kayak towards the paddle.

• Hanging draw on the move.
The candidate have to be able to moving sideways at the same time that is going forward.
Have to use good body ratation and use the paddle with vericality to execute the stroke.

• Remolque corto y largo.
The candidate have to be able to understand when use a long or short line.

The candidate has to demonstrate proficiency in the contents of the course and must be able to:
• Moving the kayak sideways with two diferent strokes. Bow and stern have to move in the same speed.
• Changing the direction of the kayak dinamic while moving forward with a draw stroke.
• Move sideways on the move.
• Use a tow line take care of the elements with the short and the long line

Duration: 3 hours
Certification: Level 4 recreational sea kayak
Condiciones: Flat water.
Learning Stage: Cognitive and associative level.

Price: 60€