Eskimo roll techniques

Eskimo roll

Level of advanced skills and competence in the control of the kayak and elements of active safety. Within the rescue systems, the eskimo roll is the most important and effective of all.


• Adaptation to the environment (inverted position, overturned, underwater).
• Introduction and practice of the hip strike. It is what will allow us to right the kayak.
• Learning the correct angle of the bucket and executing the sweep (displacement of the
surface spoon).
• Perform an eskimo roll (on one side).

The candidate must be able to coordinate knowledge and movements efficiently and effectively.

The candidate has to demonstrate proficiency in the contents of the course and must be able to:
• Flip from any side without having to get out of the kayak.
• Execute the hip strike and the racket sweep in coordination.
• Perform an eskimo roll (on one side).

Duration: 3 hours
Title: Level 5 recreational sea kayak
Conditions:: Flat water surface
Learning: Cognitive and associative level.

Price: 60€