We offer you a wide range of tuition. For beginners or advanced kayakers.


Time: 3 hours.
Price: 40€uros.
Including: Material, secure and monitor.

  • Knowledge of all parts of kayak and equipment used
  • Effective forward paddle stroke.
  • Reverse paddling and stopping.
  • Steering and controlling the kayak.
  • Lifting, carrying, launching/landing in sheltered waters.
  • Assisted deep water rescue.
Time: 3 hours.
Material: 40 €uros
Including: Material, secure and monitor.

  • Low pressure recovery stroke to prevent capsize.
  • Edging the kayak
  • Turning the kayak using edging technique
  • Self rescue in deep water with use of paddle float.
  • Turning the kayak edging on sweep and brake stroke
  • High and low pressure recovery stroke
  • Recovery strokes, static and in movement
  • Stern rudder
  • Bow rudder
  • Moving sideways using sculling draw
  • Moving sideways using draw stroke
Driving Kayak

  • supports
  • Trailers
A kayak roll (often referred to as an Eskimo roll) is the act of righting a capsized kayak by use of body motion and/or a paddle. Typically this is done by lifting the torso towards the surface, flicking the hips to right the kayak halfway up and applying a righting force by means of the paddle while tucking close to the front or back deck.

Timetable: Saturday from 15 to 17.
Price: 40 €uros.
Material: Diving goggles are recommended.